The Yellow Deli in Plymouth

In the year 2000, we purchased this large building on Main Street and began dreaming and hoping for a day when it would become a large Yellow Deli. For the past 6 years, literally hundreds of us have labored on this building, giving our time and strength to make the dream come true. Why, you may ask?

We are inspired by the story of the Separatists who first came to Plymouth seeking religious freedom. This small band of zealots sought to recreate the "primitive pattern" of the early church. Although they failed in their noble goal, they looked forward in time to those who would follow after, and "though they should be but even as stepping-stones unto others for the performing of so great a work". We, along with our other communities, hope to fulfill their hope.

In the Deli, the artwork tells the story of the Pilgrim Separatists in a way that others cannot tell. Because it is not just history for us, we speak as those of kindred hearts to them, appreciating their vision and sharing it. Their failures are our lessons, and their successes stir us to action.

In the future, we will open a theater to tell the oft-misconstrued story of the Separatists: who they really were, what they stood for, what motivated them. And other amazing people like Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island.

You're also welcome to just come in and get a great-tasting hot steamed sandwich or delicious salads or soup. Please come and see!


59 Main Street
Plymouth, MA 02360
United States



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