Just as in the Book of Acts in the New Testament, our life together in the communities of the twelve tribes is the wholehearted response and simple devotion to the life, death and resurrection of the man Yahshua the Messiah1 .

The Ultimate Purpose - Redemption

The vast universe, with countless trillions of galaxies, each with billions of stars, orbited by countless planets, and for what?

As beautiful and glorious as they are against the velvety darkness of night, the stars were not only meant to gaze upon in wonder, but to colonize, forever and ever...

Our loving Creator has a plan to restore humanity and to fill the earth, and ultimately the universe with His Highest Creation — Man2 . His plan of restoration and redemption has waited for the fullness of time to be fulfilled. We believe the time is now...3

Our Master, the Man Yahshua

Two thousand years ago, the Creator sent His son, Yahshua4 to teach a radical message of hope and true justice. To proclaim, in both word and deed a message of reconciliation and peace with the Creator resulting in a radical new society — The Kingdom of God on earth...5

He was a warm, sincere and tender man whom children were drawn to. In his presence, the faint were given courage and the timid became bold. Within this man, the fullness of the Creator's Spirit dwelled bodily. When you met him, you met Love…6

He Came for all the Needy...

Yahshua came to gather the heart-sick and needy… He didn't come for the healthy, for they don’t need a doctor7 . He came to gather into one all the children of God scattered throughout the earth8 , for their Father has a great purpose for them9 ...

Yahshua told his followers that their life together would be a demonstration of unity to all the world, a witness of a New Day dawning, a sign of hope that this troubled age would soon be over, and an age of peace for the whole world was on the horizon10 … But first, much tribulation must come…11

The Kingdom of Stone

Yahshua told his disciples that they would face great trouble in this present age. In the midst of a society increasingly contrasting their simple communal life12 , their new spiritual culture would be one of great abundance, not in worldly riches, but in faith, hope, and love for one another13 . The result? That they would become perfectly one with one another; in heart and soul, so that the world would know that God actually sent His son14 .

Yahshua told the religious leaders of his day, "the Kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a nation that will produce the proper fruit."15
Both he and his message were at large rejected16 . Yahshua was the Stone that the builders rejected that became the cornerstone for a whole new world17 .

Echoing the words of the prophet Daniel, (who long ago interpreted a dream of a “Kingdom of Stone” destined to come at the end of this present age18 ), Yahshua spoke that in the last days, a new spiritual kingdom would emerge from the dust — proclaiming the hope of an age of peace19 . We believe we are now embarking upon the very days in which His prophecies are beginning to be fulfilled20 .

Distinct from the World

In Daniel's prophecy21 , a stone was mysteriously hewn out of a huge mountain. Without human hands it was chipped away, little by little, until it broke free and plummeted toward a great statue, which represented all worldly kingdoms. The stone struck the statue on its ten toes, which represented ten last kings on the earth in its final days22 .

As the statue shattered into dust, a great wind came and blew it away until no trace was left of the once-mighty statue. Only the stone remained, a kingdom in solidarity. It began to grow, and filled the entire earth...23

The coming King has offered terms of peace to all and any who would obey his message. Every believer is called to forsake everything he has for Yahshua, for his message and his kingdom24 . A new culture, a peculiar new nation thus emerges…25

Just as he promised, whoever gives all shall receive a hundred times, now in this present age — houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and farms, along with persecutions — and in the age to come, eternal life.

This describes a nation of communities; homes and farms full of families and single people together26 . A radical new society with a spiritual cultural identity27 . A holy, or set-apart nation, distinct from, yet among the nations of the earth.

That is what the church is — not just a religion, but a nation made up of priests (one who expresses the love of God to those around) known as the Commonwealth of Israel with it's own distinct spiritual culture, a culture of the Love of God28 .

The Royal Priesthood - A Holy Nation

Yahshua's selfless, and therefore sinless life, culminating in his willing execution was a pleasing sacrifice to our Creator29 . Having his soul spend three days and three nights in the place of torment where sin is paid for, purchased the whole earth and all its inhabitants30 .

His payment was necessary to purchase a people for his own possession, zealous for the good deeds of unity31 . He is the "Passover Lamb" which delivered his people from Egypt (the world), to serve him where he is32 .

There is to be a radical separation between the church and the world, and a very good reason for it33 . The nations of the world function on the basis of Natural Law34 — those things that all men know in their consciences to be true and right — yet, the royal priesthood has a higher law and greater accountability...35 To be a light to the nations around them36 .

People of the Nations

The Creator has an eternal reward for all who struggled to do what is right according to Natural Law37 . But those who are under Natural Law cannot accomplish the purpose of God on earth38 . Before Messiah can return to the earth, there must be a people, separate from the nations of the world, obeying His commands39 .

It has become clear to us that the holy, set-apart nation would not even be able to exist on the earth apart from the influence of righteous men in civil government — men who would uphold free exercise of religion and other basic human rights40 .

As a priesthood, we gather every morning and evening to thank and praise our Creator, and pray for the rulers of those nations in which we dwell41 . Understanding more about the ways in which society is violating “Natural Law” — to the point of calling evil good and good evil42 .

The Necessity of Righteous Judgment

There must be a thorough judgment of all mankind, to determine who is, and who is not worthy to fill the universe for eternity43 .

The Creator makes a distinction between the Righteous, the Wicked, and the Holy — three categories of eternal human beings, with three distinct prepared places to spend eternity44 .

After purifying for Himself a holy nation for His own possession45 , distinct even from the Righteous men and women of the Nations46 , the Creator will then have a compassionate people through whom he can rule the nations for eternity47 .

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