Community in Plymouth

Early in our history Gene and Marsha Spriggs visited the town of Plymouth on their way to Island Pond, Vermont. They knew about the Pilgrim Separatists and prayed that we could be the restoration of the first church that the Pilgrims tried to bring about. Years later (after several communities had been established in America and other countries) they returned with several others to begin a community in Plymouth on Warren Avenue. To help support themselves they opened a wholesome food store in the downtown area, followed by a bakery and sandwich shop.

On November 22, 2021, we opened the Yellow Deli on Main Street and  another food market next door to it to take the place of the first. In the future we want to open a history gallery, and a theater behind our market.

In our Deli we have murals and paintings to illustrate the story of the Pilgrims and their attempt to live like the church in Acts 2 and 4. Also, we honor Roger Williams who surpassed the efforts of the Pilgrims to establish religious liberty, freedom of speech, and freedom of conscience. We credit him for laying the groundwork for our country’s separation of church and state and for making a way for us to exist.

Through our businesses we desire to find opportunities to speak with the thousands of tourists who come to Plymouth each year. We hope to introduce them to the wonderful things our Father has done to re-establish a new Israel of twelve tribes.

If you're from Plymouth you may know the brown and green house up on the hill near Plymouth Beach where we all live together. If you're not familiar just go south of the Plymouth Center about 1 mile on 3A until you see a large brown house on the right up on the hill, 35 Warren Avenue is our address. We would love to see you sometime, anytime really, but especially Fridays at 6 pm.


35 Warren Avenue
Plymouth, MA 02360
United States


(508) 747-5338