Title Changed
June 22nd, 1984 - 40 Years Later : Commemorative Celebration
The Yellow Deli in Island Pond, VT
The Twelve Tribes' Communities, the Anti-Cult Movement, and the Government's Response
Gene Spriggs Speaking at the 1984 Island Pond Raid Anniversary Celebration (2000)
An Issue of Control
Judge Frank Mahady's Decision in the 1984 Island Pond Case
Time to Gather
Community in Cluj
The Way
Our Children
Spark of a Movement
The Community in Vista
Brand New Culture
Further Light
A day in the mate addic
Fire Side Chat
Toe Tapping Tuesday
Toe Tapping Tuesday
Fire Side Chat
Fire Side Chat
Toe Tapping Tuesday
What about heaven and hell? Did you know there are Three Eternal Destinies
Ruth Grew Up Christian But Didn't See the Love
A History of the Yellow Deli
Open Forum: Why We Are Leaving France
Open Forum: Why We Are Leaving France
Why We Are Leaving France
How does one give up all their possessions for the Kingdom of God?
How the Twelve Tribes Were Formed
Finding God's Will for my life
How I found the people of God over 50 years ago
What Does it Mean to be Born Again?
How Do You Give Your Life to God?
The Gospel of the Kingdom - How Can I Know God's Purpose For My Life?
Growing Up in the Twelve Tribes
How I Ended Up Volunteering at the Yellow Deli