Grateful "gidonthebus!"


In 1987, a young man named Daniel from one of our communities began to talk about the Grateful Dead scene and how he felt that there were many there who were searching for life.

At first we didn’t know what to think about it. Most of us had come from different walks of life, although many of us had been part of the ’60s Movement and had at least a little familiarity with the Grateful Dead. But Daniel was very persistent in his desire to reach out to the Deadheads, so we took on his faith.

We found a bus... well actually two buses. We spent many long days and nights putting the top half of one bus on the bottom of the other, as well as finishing the inside to be a warm place of hospitality.

We were so thankful to have a comfortable place for people to come and get to know us. We built a kitchen in the back to make cookies and tea for the new friends we would make.

Then we wrote articles and drew pictures for a special freepaper, and worked many days and nights putting the publication together. We were almost ready to go. But what would we do there? What would our Master Yahshua do there? Well, of course, we would go and help people.

So that’s what we did.  We decided that we would send our first aid people and make ourselves available to those who needed emergency medical care. We also sent musicians, singers, and dancers to give people a taste of the life we had back at home. When everything was ready, we went out, full of excitement and hope.

It wasn’t long before we understood Daniel’s burden.

Come and Visit!

One of our greatest desires is to share our life with others. There are many ways to get to know us.