Floyd Fix


The struggle — how do we deal with life, with the pain, with each other? Does anybody really know?
“The Wall” reaches deep into the inner turmoil of a person in life – what do I do, how do I deal with the struggle, people, with relationships? It touches every note and emotion that comes to a person while hitting those spots when you feel like your are “skating on the thin ice of modern life” Why do we lay in our beds crying at night because of the choices we made or scream out into the dark black night asking “WHY?” Wondering if anybody hears us.

“IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE?” Or are we just alone in this universe, can anyone understand? Are there any answers? Is this all just a cruel
joke, this thing called life? Is the pain necessary? “Is there anybody out there?” How many have felt the loneliness of life at one point or another, wondering if anybody else really feels the way you do? Why has “The Wall” hit that chord with so many of us? Why has it left that mark? Is there really any hope to heal the separation that we feel to those around us? Can the wall truly be torn down? Or can we only relate to the hopeless feeling of See “The Wall” on page 2 being trapped in ourselves?  Is there anyplace people can be real with each other and actually be together?

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