Community in Sus

Near the southern border of France, in view of the Pyrenees Mountains, is the small village of Sus. Here, you may often see flocks of sheep with their shepherds, but since 1983 there is also a flock of a different kind. ... Yes, here in Sus dwells a flock of 140 people from many backgrounds and nations who have been gathered together in the hope of demonstrating the life of love and peace that the Son of God came to establish on Earth. No longer lonely and alienated from one another in this society that holds up independence and materialism as its supreme god, this little flock has become a tribe who works at different crafts and lives a simple life together, sharing all things in common just like the first disciples of Yahshua. Our community is made up of families with many children and single people who are living in two big houses on the same property. We earn our living making shoes, clothing, furniture and selling them at different markets and fairs in the whole of France. But besides running our businesses, our everyday life contains much activity: cooking, shopping, cleaning, and fixing houses and vehicles. However, all that would be in vain if our children would not take on our hearts and follow in our footsteps. Indeed, we take to heart what God wanted for Abraham when he commanded Abraham to teach his children in the way of Yahweh. Therefore, the parents teach their own children with the help of some friends who are gifted as teachers. They work together and help each other to raise children who will do what is right and just. We also do our best to include our children in our daily social life. We are open to hearing from you by phone, letter, or by E-mail, and we also invite people to come visit us. Our doors and our hearts are open to you, so please come for a day or to stay.


11, Route du Haut Béarn
64190 Sus/Navarrenx


(33) (0)55966-1428