Community in Sus

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Near the southern border of France, in view of the Pyrenees Mountains, is the small village of Sus. Yes, here in Sus dwells a flock of 50 people from many backgrounds and nations who have been gathered together by our loving Shepherd, the Creator of all. No longer lonely and alienated from one another, this little flock has become the nucleus of a tribe who works at different crafts and lives a simple life, sharing all things in common, just like the first disciples of Yahshua, the son of God.

Our community is made up of families and single people who are living in a big house on the same property. By saying we are a "community", we do not mean a loose association of individuals in a common geographical location, but rather a large extended family of married couples, single people, and children sharing all our possessions and having a common goal.

We earn our living baking and selling bread and other goods on local markets, running a little farm stand and cultivating the land. But most importantly, we cultivate relationships, for we believe that a sustainable society starts with sustainable relationships, and that takes a lot of communication. Besides running our businesses, our simple everyday life is buzzing with activity: cooking, cleaning, sewing, fixing our dwellings and vehicles...

We all gather morning and evening to share our hearts and afterward share a meal, before we start our different activities. We rest on the Sabbath, beginning on Friday Night where we have a festive time together. On this special day we enjoy a delicious meal, followed by Israeli Circle dancing, young and old alike. You can learn the dances too! We ask that visitors would attend all gatherings and meals, out of respect and interest for our way of life.

Living arrangements will be according to space and needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or just if you have special needs (ie. dietary need), to see how we can accommodate.

Our doors and our hearts are open to you, so please come for a day... or to stay!


11, Route du Haut Béarn
64190 Sus/Navarrenx


(33) (0)55966-1428

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