Community in Marshall

To all of our friends in Michigan, in January 2024, we have closed and sold the Bear Creek Farm.  For now, there is no community in Michigan, although we hope to return someday.

We have been living on a small farm property where we grow vegetables, run a road-side farm stand, bake our granola and energy bars and live a peaceful community life raising our children, and always being open to visitors coming and seeing what we do.  We started our bakery “from scratch” in 2016 and have watched as our hard work has paid off in many ways, with our granola and energy bars gaining popularity among many Michiganders.

At some point in the last year we were made aware that some big changes were coming to our town, and that a very large factory was going to be built on the cornfield right next to ours.  We decided that selling our farm and moving would be better than to live next to an industrial plant making lithium car batteries.  We had concerns about the potential environmental hazards, as well as the noise pollution it would bring.  

For now our farm, home and bakery will move to Raynham, Massachusetts, where we will continue to farm and make our products.  Other families from the Bear Creek Farm will move to Oak Hill, NY.  You can find those addresses and phone numbers on the website.

Thank you again,

From all the folks at the Community in Marshall


15230 C Drive North
Marshall, MI 49068
United States



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