Community in Hamburg

Here we are! The Community in Hamburg!

We are a warm and sweet group of very sincere believers with a beautiful dream burning in our hearts; That the Kingdom of God, the God who is love, would be expressed as a practical reality here on earth. This is our daily endeavor.

We are currently a community of 6 families, all with bright eyed children. And, of course, our hearts have room for more. We gather together, work together, eat together, laugh and cry all together. We have a marvelous common life. Along with our other communities worldwide, we are experiencing the restoration of an ancient tribal way of life, the culture of Israel.

We all live on a 7 acre farmstead property on the outskirts of the city of Buffalo, New York. We live in a big common house with a common gathering room, common dining room, and of course, at the heart of any true community, a bustling common kitchen. We live a life of devotion, just like the first disciples of Yahshua. It is a simple life of healing and hope, striving to overcome all our selfishness as we learn to love each other. Our children are the centerpiece of our hope.

We are currently coming to the last stages of building an inviting and cozy restaurant in the village of Hamburg. It is going to be a Yellow Deli. Our people run quite a few of these places around the world. And many people greatly appreciate the good food and warm rustic atmosphere we create with old barn wood and cozy booths, making you feel like you belong. We serve a simple menu of fresh baked breads, homemade soups and salads, and delicious hot steamy sandwiches. Our Yellow Delis are a place to gather with family and friends, and a place to make new friends. That is why we are so excited to build this place and get it open for you.  

Our hearts and homes are open. We know there are many others who will find the same hope we have found. We welcome you to come and get to know us here in the Community in Hamburg!


2051 North Creek Rd
Lakeview, NY 14085
United States


716 -226 -0977

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