Community in Island Pond

The beginnings of the Community in Island Pond go way back. In the late 70's, there were several families that were discontent with the status quo in their everyday Christian lives. They began meeting in their homes and groped to understand all they had grown up hearing about God, but not seeing lived out. They soon stumbled upon a group from "The South" that would change their lives forever. The folks from the "Yellow Deli" in Chattanooga were already living together in community and sharing all they had. The families from here in the Island Pond area invited them up to teach them what they knew about living together and soon they couldn't deny what was in their own hearts. The old "Maples" inn on the hill soon became the bustling center for a quickly growing community. Many from the surrounding area sold their houses and moved to Island Pond because the cry of their heart was being fulfilled, to be able to serve God 100%. More folks up came from the south, more houses were bought, a deli was built and opened, and within a couple of years Island Pond became the home of what was called "the Northeast Community Church." Many people were saved and the community grew to over 300 people! At one point we realized that as much as we loved being together, we couldn't expect that everyone who wanted to devote their lives to God and learn to obey Him would find us in little old Island Pond, VT. We needed to spread out and tell people about the wonderful life we had! So in time, we found other towns, states and countries that opened up and we spread out from here. Many years have gone by since then, but we have always had several houses with families living together and continuing on with the original life that began here so many years ago. We currently own and operate a store in downtown Island Pond named Simon the Tanner where we offer quality shoes and clothing at affordable prices. Across the street from there we operate a small Yellow Deli where we maintain a presence for anyone to come and see the vibrant life we have all come to love. We stay busy caring for our homes, training our children, and gathering firewood to keep our houses warm. We also have been clearing and re-establishing our "sugar bush" in nearby Norton, VT. We look forward to the sweet reward of maple syrup for our friends and a small cottage industry that will help support our small community. If you ever want to see how and where things began for the Twelve Tribes up in the North, please feel welcome to visit us way up here. We'd be glad to share our hearts and homes with you. We have plenty of room for many more.


P.O. Box 449
Island Pond, VT 05846
United States