Community in Chattanooga

Between 1972 and 1978 we lived in several homes in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Vine Street, growing from just a handful of people to about 150. We ran seven restaurants known as "Yellow Delis"--three in Chattanooga and four in neighboring towns. Our purpose was to live a whole-hearted life and to obey the scriptures as explained in Acts 2 and 4--to share a common life together learning how to love like our Master, Yahshua (Jesus), did. We devoted ourselves to "serving the fruit of the spirit" at all of our Yellow Delis throughout the region. Since then we have traveled to New England, the Midwest, the West Coast, and Canada, throughout Europe, and even South America and Australia to take the life that we found to these many other places. We have also raised a lot of children, many who are following our footsteps and taking on our faith.

We have returned to Chattanooga, Tennessee, our original starting place. Several families and single people live together in our home on Oak Street, overcoming the enemies that divide mankind and to achieve instead a life of peace and love. At the new Yellow Deli, which is located on the campus of UTC, we are promoting free speech through symposiums and open forums. Our desire is to reach out to the people who live in the Chattanooga area, our spawning ground 35 years ago, and to show them a viable demonstration of love being lived out and perfected in unity.

We welcome everyone to visit us at our residence located at 900 Oak Street in the Fort Wood district. This house is being used as a center for hospitality and for people we meet to get to know what we're all about.


900 Oak St
Chattanooga, TN 37403
United States


(423) 752-3071

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