Community in Bellows Falls

From nearby Fall Mountain overlooking Bellows Falls it's not hard to spot our farm - two green patches stitched together by a silver river onto the sleeve of town. We began as a small community in neighboring Westminster Station in 1984. We are about 40 people, farming about 120 acres. We all live together, with plenty of room to share with you. We are growing and milling spelt (an ancient grain), vegetables (of all sorts), and some herbs. We love to work with the soil, the plants and animals. Our greatest goal is to work in harmony with the Creator of all, knowing that what we do in cooperation with nature and her Maker will not cause harm, but bring healing to the land, and ultimately to the people who consume the fruit of the earth. We long to see restoration come about in all the aspects of life. We welcome people of all ages, religions, and backgrounds to come visit. Our focus is our love for our God and our Master, Yahshua, and caring for people. If someone would like to visit they are welcome to call, write, e-mail, or even stop by. We encourage visitors to come and experience our life before becoming members.


175 Basin Farm Road
Bellows Falls, VT 05101
United States


(802) 463-9264

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