We All Live Together!

Jan 14, 2021
Large community

We who wrote the articles on this web site actually live together like an extended family, sharing all things in common, just as the first disciples did in the first century. The Bible plainly says regarding the first church, “All who believed were together and shared all things in common” (Acts 2:44). It goes on to describe how they were of one heart and soul, and that there was not a needy person among them, for they gave up all their possessions to meet the needs of their spiritual brothers and sisters (Acts 4:32-35). Some people say this was only for back then, but we’ve been living this way for over 40 years. You can come and see for yourself at any of our locations.

Living in Households

In each of our communities, there are one or more houses in a cluster, some in cities and some on farms. Several families and single people live together in each house, according to the size of the house. We like large houses because we like to live together. Married couples have their own rooms, plus as many adjacent rooms as needed for their children. The single men share one or more rooms, as do the single women. We all share a common kitchen and dining room, where we take our meals together “with gladness and sincerity of heart.”1

Gathering Daily

In at least one house in the cluster we have a large gathering room where we gather together every morning and evening to worship our Creator in song and dance as in Psalm 150, using the prescribed musical instruments that we are learning to build and play. We are all free to speak from our hearts the things we are learning, as our heavenly Father teaches us through one another, according to the gifting and grace given to each person.2 As a spiritual priesthood, we pray together for the pressing needs of our people and for our Father’s will to be done on earth.

Working Together

After our morning gathering we have breakfast together and then go to work in our various places, doing the deeds prepared for each one of us.3 We work together in our own cafés, farms, cottage industries, and trades, not as independent contractors or employees of outside companies. All income from our various endeavors goes into a common purse from which all of our needs are met equitably. We don’t have our own independent income or debts to carry by ourselves, except for the debt of love we owe to our Savior, which we repay by loving and caring for one another.

Raising Our Children

We love and cherish our children. We teach them at home, using a curriculum we are developing ourselves, to give them the basic skills they need to read, write, and speak effectively, to live together in peace, and to fulfill their created purpose. Our children’s training goes far beyond the classroom, however, as they are fully integrated into every aspect of our socially and spiritually rich tribal life. They learn to cook and sew, build and farm, care for animals, sing and dance, play musical instruments, and most importantly, extend hospitality to the constant flow of guests who are drawn to the light of our life of love. 

Together we are experiencing and demonstrating the restoration of all things spoken of by the prophets of old,4 and by our Master Yahshua,5 whose life, death, and resurrection make this life possible.

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Come and Visit!

One of our greatest desires is to share our life with others. There are many ways to get to know us.