Three Reasons Why Jesus Didn't Come Back on May 21, 2011


Why Jesus Didn't Return in 2011... The Christian media is becoming increasingly obsessed with anticipating the second coming of Christ. Harold Camping,who for 50 years has answered listeners’ Bible questions on his well-known radio program, speaks with confidence of Jesus’ return on May 21, 2011, based on his calculations using Bible facts. Thousands of billboards announcing Judgment Day dot the American landscape in anticipation of that day. However, it is worth noting that Mr. Camping has made this sort of prediction before. According to him, Jesus was supposed to have returned on September 6, 1994, and thousands of his listeners were greatly disappointed when that date came and went without the tumult one would expect from the sudden disappearance of all true Christians. Certainly many will profit from the opportunity presented by this latest prediction, but who really believes that Jesus will return? And if they do believe, how are they living their lives in anticipation of His return?

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