The Remedy


If you want to keep your life you can ...
at least until you die...

Death and the fear of death are enemies to mankind. No one escapes. All the money in the world can't buy anyone out of it. Rich, poor, black, white, male or female, all are participants.  Life is but a vapor, fragile and temporary. All through recorded human history, the tribes and nations of men deal with it, and the fear of It in very similar ways. In many ancient cultures, animal sacrifices and sometimes even human.  Sacrifces were made to please or appease their gods. This was done because of the fear of mishap or tragedy upon themselves. These people sensed a need in themselves to make sacrifices because of fear and guilt. Fear of tragedy upon them or their loved ones, and guilt for their sins, made them want to be united with whatever god they worshipped. 

Man knows his need to reach the divine being who created him because he senses that his actions have separated him from his Creator.  Man also knows that he deserves to die for the things he has done to hurt himself and others.  But in his heart he has the hope that the death of a sacrifice could be a substitute for him, receiving what he really deserves. Countless animals have been sacrificed in man's attempt to bridge the gap between God and himself.

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