The Alien Ant


Saving planet Earth is a titanic enterprise, don’t you think? Before we zoom off with our plans, let’s listen to the Alien Ant...

Voice of Creation Creation proclaims to everyone who
lives on earth that a Creator exists. It lets us know that He is good, and that
He is worth finding. What creature can do anything without its Creator?

Breaking the Boundaries Can the world be
one culture without language, ethnic, or cultural differences? Or is this
just another attempt to build the tower of Babel?

Earthsavers The emerging twelve tribes of a new Israel have
been set apart from this present society to demonstrate another type of life
— a truly sustainable life, a foretaste of what future generations will
experience permanently.

Communities The addresses of our homes where a truly
sustainable life is being lived out daily.

Come and Visit!

One of our greatest desires is to share our life with others. There are many ways to get to know us.