• As you pass the church you’ve faithfully attended
    every Easter since you were
    a child, it’s hard to imagine that it would be empty
    on Easter Sunday. It’s been
    totally empty for a few weeks now, but someone
    has put up the
    decorations on the lawn. There it is,
    the old rugged cross
    that somehow gave everyone hope...

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Have you ever found yourself looking up at the stars and an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder fills your being? Have you ever wondered, "What is the purpose of this vast expanse? Does it ever end? Is anyone out there? Why haven't we really seen them yet?

"Dear Mom, I'm going stir crazy. The kids are bouncing off the walls. My wife and I are snapping at each other. The dog whines and looks at me with those sad, anxious eyes. When I slip out to take him for a walk, people glare at me from their windows, but the police haven't stopped me yet. The lines in the grocery store are crazy.

There was a time not long ago when this Yellow Deli was buzzing with the sound of happy customers sharing a meal together, and I'm sure one day soon it will be again, but in the meantime I sit alone in an empty Deli sipping some Yerba Mate, listening to the familiar traditional tunes that always fill the air here... and writing this short article for you.

Right now people are locked into their communication devices everywhere. On them you can hear the President, the local news, the officials in your area. When they give you the latest update on how long to stay in your house, the economic crisis, and what's happening with the coronavirus in India, they repeat it over and over again.

The worried young father holds the precious basin while his son strains to reach to the highest point of the doorway... The homemade brush made from a prescribed kind of bush... The blood of a lamb which had been killed just before sundown, and his blood gathered into the basin, to be used as directed over the doorway...

The Earth is just reeling, not from plastic bags in the ocean, or the red tide, but from men dying. So many people are dying right now that they don't even have places to put them.

He anxiously paces back and forth, each stride pushing the boundaries of his social-distancing parameters. He nervously peers through the windows of the local Mega-Mart as the line-up grows behind him. "Will there be enough for me?" he fretfully ponders. "One... Two... Three," he counts the bales of toilet paper being plundered off the shelves, adding to his anxiety.

As you drive quickly by the church you have faithfully attended every Easter since you were a child, it seems hard to imagine that the church will be empty even on Easter Sunday. It has been totally empty for a few weeks now, but someone has put up the regular decorations on the front lawn. There it is... the old, rugged cross. Those decorations had always been your cue to start getting your Easter Sunday outfit ready. Once a year, just to honor that special day, which had something to do with the cross and the resurrection, everyone attended. It is the biggest church day of the year. Easter Sunday gave everyone hope, because somehow the cross signified the hope of heaven... that old, rugged cross...

A note from a 8-year boy

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Most people go through things in life that lead them to choices, places, and destinations. Most of these things are unplanned. Some people go through very difficult situations, perplexing and confusing. Such are the times of being a teenage, for most. A roller coaster is a good analogy of being a teenager, because there are many ups and downs, sometimes drops, loops, and dark tunnels.
I have a story - usually a story has a beginning and an end. But this one is ongoing, and will keep going on for a long time. Actually it started a long time ago, but I'll tell you at least this point in time, this chapter. Maybe it can be called, Lost and Found.

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Megan (Talmidah)
Bellows Falls, VT

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