A Hope that Doesn't Disappoint

My generation grew up on the tail end of many years of searching. Our parents were the children of the 60s and 70s and had spent their younger years in a volatile time of searching for truth. The dust had settled by the time we came along, and it seemed as though there was nothing left to try — it had all been done before. What are you to do when you are searching for a purpose but every angle has been searched out, exhausted, and found to be fake?

We grew up in a world where we learned that putting on a good show was the most important thing. We learned to have a good time and pretend like everything is fine, while under the surface we were empty and lacking identity. We had no purpose and no way to connect to anyone on a deep level. Many times we saw our lives and the lives of those around us fall apart, corrupted by our own selfishness, but we learned to “move along.” But we knew the world was a mess and desperately hoped that someone would find the way out.

We take identity with the music of our day. In many ways our lives revolve around our favorite singers. In the music we have a way to get out the deep things that we all know are there but don’t know how to face — or at least we can forget about them. But even the musicians could not give us any answers. The mainstream rock 'n roll could provide nothing but a good feeling, so many of us are looking to something more grass roots style. Often we look back to the voices of the past generation. They seemed to have something to say, and to us it is a breath of fresh air, a shelter from the storm that is our life. You need something special to give you hope, but hope’s just a word that maybe you said or maybe you heard.” What we needed was hope — a hope that doesn’t disappoint.[foo] 1 So when nothing — not music, not the church, not the army, not even “going green” to save the earth — has found any hope to offer, where do you go?

So now we need something real, something different. The church was not saving us or anyone around us, and we’ve looked everywhere else, so where do we find this hope?

To my generation, the concept of God has no meaning. It is as worn out as the church pews. We quickly see hypocrisy and despise it, but we ourselves have no answers. We need something different than what the society we grew up in has to offer. Many of us are immediately turned off by any mention of religion or God, but the truth is that the only hope is found in God’s people. It’s not in the churches or anything else in today’s religions, but in the place where God really lives, the place where people are being healed and given a hope and a purpose, where people live in unity. That is the place where you can see God working. That is the place to find the answers to man’s problems, and that is the place you can trust.


  • 1. Romans 5:5 — “and hope does not disappoint, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.”

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