As a Father Loves His Children

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"The children's eyes widen as the huge giant, Goliath,
comes down the hill to fight the good little boy, David.
The giant is mean and big. David is ruddy, courageous,
and god-fearing. The tiny sling of the boy is stronger
than all the weapons that giant can muster against
him. For David is doing the right thing...
Looking into the tender eyes of his children, the
good father only wants them to do the best they
can, better than he did... A tear fills his eyes as he
remembers the many words of his own father that he
himself never heeded. Now it is too late to say he is
sorry, it is too late to make up for his wrongs. If only
his own little ones will hear his warnings. If only
they will go
straight where
he turned off
the path and
make the right
choices where
he made the
wrong ones. So
in this hope,
the good father
presses on..."

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