The Unmodified Seed

These days there is an ever-increasing desire to make sure that what is called “organic” is really what the name implies. Organic growers who want to market their produce as “Certified Organic” use standard organic methods of cultivating their crops. They must grow the crop in soil that has been free from chemical fertilizers for at least three years, fertilized with organic compost or other organic fertilizers, and watered with pure water. If crops are grown free from contaminants, pesticides, and chemicals, their authenticity should be able to be guaranteed. But for years now, much of the produce labeled “Certified Organic” has been technologically tampered with.

Does it really make sense to apply the word organic to something whose very seed has been tampered with? No, it doesn’t, no matter what it looks or tastes like. The plant would still be carrying within its genetic information the traits of hybridization or genetic modification, even if it went through the proper requirements prescribed for how it was to be grown. Maybe the outward appearance of the fruit would be outstanding and the organic stamp of approval would be on its skin, but inside would be a corrupt, modified seed.

Nothing can take away the genetic makeup that was passed on from the corrupt seed. Organic hybrids, like any other, if allowed to develop to their full maturity, flower, and make seed, will not yield the expected fruit. Plant a tangerine seed and you may get an orange tree or a nectarine. Amazingly, the “tangerine” has disappeared from the next generation!

Genetically modified or GMO seeds can go a step further, which is why the multi-national conglomerates are investing millions of dollars into producing genetically modified food. When terminator gene technology comes in full-blown, commercial seeds will not be able to yield seeds capable of reproduction. Everyone will have to buy their seed from these corporate giants. This seed will have on it a chemical that will preserve it, aid it in germination, and guarantee its development, but prohibit its reproduction. This would be a totally artificial seed that could produce an organic watermelon based on its cultivation practices but not on the authenticity of its seed.

All of this shows that man can often make something look good on the outside, and he can convince others of its purity, but in its core it has been tampered with. It is, in fact, a deliberate corruption of what is natural.

How fittingly this can be applied to what has happened in Christianity, since the true, genuine seed was planted on the Day of Pentecost. At that moment a pure seed was introduced, unadulterated — not tampered with. Grounded firmly in the hearts of the believers, it produced the authentic and vibrant life of the first communities of Acts 2 and 4. That very seed which rooted and flowered in Jerusalem was taken to many other parts of the inhabited world.

What was the result? Not only was the fruit reproduced in other locations exactly like the pattern of the first, but its seed was exactly the same. You could take from the new planting and form many more communities of believers from the same seed. Such was the exactness of the duplication that the apostle Paul could actually commend the seed-bearing fruit that he saw in the distant region of Thessalonica. He knew that they had received from him the whole comprehensive gospel into their hearts as the true seed.1 He could praise them for becoming imitators and holding to the same pattern, the same genetic code of the first true seed in Judea, even to the point of being examples in their faith and receiving the exact manner of persecution.2

However, it was not long before there began a tampering and a modification of the true seed. Other seeds began to be introduced as the real ones, being superbly received.3 The same apostle who had watched over the careful transmission of the true seed saw the beginnings of manipulations by men. He realized that other seeds would come and that a craftiness as deep as genetic manipulation would also be introduced so as to bring forth a diluted gospel and a seed that would look good on the outside but inside would be corrupt. It would not be capable of generating a fruit similar to the original stock.

The oneness of heart, faith, baptism, mind, and judgment common to all the communities of the true seed was replaced with divisions, denominations, and each church speaking its own brand of doctrine. They all looked good in form, all were stamped with the approved label “The Church,” but it was actually a prostitution of the true seed. To this day there is a propagation of this modified seed to the ends of the earth. Thousands of denominations broadcast their seed to the countries of the world, sprouting church buildings on street corners everywhere. A genetically modified gospel has produced a genetically modified church.

Now is the time for the sprouting of a tender shoot from the original, uncorrupted seed, which will bear the fruit of authenticity to the whole world — a whole fruit both inside and out.

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