The Second Eve

To understand the plight of Mother Earth we have to go back to the Garden, to the beginning, to the first mother, Eve. She is the “mother of all the living.” She lived in the time when the earth was a paradise, a garden of delight that contained everything needed to sustain life and to cause the human race to flourish. She had her beginning from the side of her husband, from his rib. She was created to walk alongside of him, to be one with him, bonded in a marriage based on trust.

Her loving Creator warned her and her husband about a particular tree in the garden. He did this because He wanted them to trust Him. He wanted them to live their lives on the basis of trust in their Creator. But Eve was deceived by a very crafty spirit who enchanted her with his beauty in the form of a firey serpent. Doubting her Creator, she believed that He was keeping her from her potential as a human being, that she was being deprived of something she needed to be fulfilled.

This mistrust of her Creator was deadly. Through it, a curse entered into the ground of the earth and sin into the human race. Since that time, doubt, fear, and self-centeredness have dominated humanity. All of mankind is enslaved to a life of constantly being anxious for food, clothing, and shelter — the basic needs of mankind. This is intended to remind man of his need to trust his Creator. It is the most fundamental understanding a person can receive in this life. Because of the lack of trust in their Creator, death has entered into the world and is the one boundary established by the Creator that man cannot go past. Every man and woman is going to die and there is no way for them to escape it.

So there was a great need for a second Adam and a second Eve, one who could overcome death through trusting their Creator. The only thing stronger than death is love. This second Adam was the man Yahshua, who was born 2000 years ago in order to bring the love of the Creator to the entire fallen human race. Through the love he would demonstrate, all mankind could be restored to a life of trusting their Creator and be brought back into unity with Him. Through Him, basic human relationships could be restored and the result would be that the earth itself could be restored.

This man Yahshua gave up his life because of his love for the second Eve — a woman made up of those who would receive his love and become his people, his nation, his bride. When he was suffering on the cross, a soldier approached him and pierced his side with a spear. From his heart came blood mixed with water. From his side, out of his heart, flowed blood and water to cleanse the whole human race of their sin. This is the love that overcame death.

Those who followed him after his resurrection were transformed into his likeness and loved one another the way he loved them. Their love for their Creator and for one another caused them to live together in unity and in communities where they shared all things in common. A whole new social order began to emerge where basic human relationships began to be restored. This restoration was the beginning of the answer to the world’s problems.

Unfortunately, this pure seed of life that was in this second Eve was slowly modified over time. In a spiritual sense, it was genetically modified and thus became something very different from the pure seed that Yahshua passed on to her to give her life. A corrupt, genetically modified seed came into the wonderful early communities of the second Eve and took over. This manipulated seed had the potential to corrupt every other seed, like what happened in the beginning in the Garden.

Thus, the second Eve was deceived by a genetically modified gospel that took her away from her simple devotion to the second Adam, Yahshua. The outcome — Christianity — a woman to be sure, who to one third of the world’s population looks very good. But the fruit is from altered seed and is not the same as what our Master Yahshua intended. The fruit is not the same and therefore the way of living and relating to the world does not contain the answers to the world’s problems. It does not have the right seed in it to restore the earth and all the people in it. Therefore, this other woman (Christianity) is deceiving the whole world with her modified fruit — promising to have the answer to the world’s problems but instead destroying the voice of conscience in man.

However, the Creator has preserved a pure seed for these last days when everything has been lost. Every remnant of the life of the early church is either gone, modified, or manipulated in some way. What is known as the “church,” Christianity, has no resemblance to the second Eve that our Master Yahshua died for.

Creation is desperate for that preserved seed to spring forth out of the ground to begin to restore the life of the second Eve. She is the only woman who is going to go back to the Garden. This restoration can only come about at one time in history, and we are living in that time. All of Creation has waited for this moment in time when there would be a voice speaking on earth to people who are no longer able to hear their conscience or the voice of Creation.

There are those on the earth who know that globalization is not going to fix the world’s problems. Cognitive people can sense that man’s problems are going to get worse the more people try to homogenize the world into one global community. There are those who see that the ecumenical movement of Christianity to unite the world’s religions offers no real answers either. They see this false religious unity as something the politicians of the world merely use to increase their power.

Truly, there is no hope for people to come together in a life of love and unity that demonstrates justice and is free from the world’s problems apart from the saving power of the water and blood that gushed out of our Master Yahshua’s side. This love from his heart breaks down the barriers that have divided people since the beginning of time. The preserved seed will prove to the world that people can truly come together to demonstrate a vastly different life that will carry over into the next age.

The closest anyone will get to the Garden in this age is when the second Eve, the woman described in Revelation 12:1, flees to the wilderness. She is the pregnant woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, who has a crown of twelve stars on her head, and who can find no place of safety on this earth. At that time, the earth will protect her because she has demonstrated a life that restores Creation and is a witness against a collapsing social order that is failing and heading for destruction. The earth will help this woman because she has been a friend to the earth; she will have cared about her Mother.

At this desperate hour, when the awful fruit of globalization has come to full fruition on Creation, then the Creator will pour out His wrath on all those who have destroyed the earth and will rescue all the righteous ones who were the “Earth Savers.” Our Master, Yahshua, who is the second Adam, will return as Earth’s rightful ruler to claim his bride, the second Eve, from the wilderness. This will usher in the new age of peace where he will rescue the earth, and along with the second Eve, begin to restore all things. This is what Creation is groaning for, what she yearns to see revealed. Can you hear what she is saying?

The Twelve Tribes is a confederation of twelve self-governing tribes, composed of self-governing communities. We are disciples of the Son of God whose name in Hebrew is Yahshua. We follow the pattern of the early church in Acts 2:44 and 4:32, truly believing everything that is written in the Old and New Covenants of the Bible, and sharing all things in common.

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