Poisoned Soil

Although I am a planet, and planets do not talk, still, I have a story to tell. My beginnings have been greatly misunderstood by those who have tried to interpret the Bible. Most translators say in Genesis 1:2, “Now the earth was formless and void,” but this is not true. Actually, if you read the Hebrew rightly, I was created with beautiful form and content, but I was made into a waste place, I became a place of ruin and devastation. Who did it?

There was an attempt at a military coup in heaven, and the rebel army of heaven came upon me with great wrath, to destroy what they had once been helping to build. I became devastated, an ecological nightmare. But my loving Creator did not give up. He began to labor once again upon my suffering surface, and restored a small part of me as a paradise, Eden.

Then I felt a new sensation upon my surface, something I had never felt before. It was feet! My Creator made a new creature to deal with the rebellion of the evil one. Now “Man” walked upon me in a beautiful and perfect garden. His footsteps were like the caress of a lover. Now I had hope.

But oh no! What’s happening? Those wonderful feet are heavily plodding out of my paradise into the harsh wilderness! Why? Now who will care for me? I scarcely had time to consider, for soon I felt the invasion of a poison chilling my soil, and my soul if I have one. At first I shuddered, hardly able to grasp the situation. What is this, how can I take it?

I clutched my belly, fighting to suppress a violent urge to vomit, as the liquid seeped into my heart, like a cancer hunting for more
undeserved nourishment. I convulsed, shuddered, as the blood of an innocent man flowed over my surface, seeping into my inward parts. I wept like a virgin raped, with no one to hear. Poor Abel! His blood dried upon my skin, a stain forever, and who is there to care?

I became the universe’s first rape victim, and I hung my head in disgrace. My hair fell down over my tortured face as my loins burned from the indignity. I had hoped for so much more from you, O Man. Could I ever be the same? Who would ever love this violated Mother? I wept, not for myself, but for my unrealized destiny. Now what would become of me? And of my friend, Justice? And of you, Man, for whom I was created?

Then he came back, a gleam in his eye, returning to the scene of the crime, only for more sport. Created to be a friend to man, I became instead the object of his sadistic pleasures, as the evil sought out the good to shed even more innocent blood. Man must be insane, the thought came to my dulled mind. I can only take so much poison, so much pain, so much violation.

“It’s all over,” a voice whispered, “now you must die.” From deep below my guts burst — tremors, gushing floods, the vaults of my heart gaped open; clouds released my painful tears as I cried to Him who knew all things. Pounding waves, death washing me down, down. This is it. There was a certain calm in death; the floods brought a coolness to my wounds. The dried blood for which I cried began to dissolve. The pounding waves slowed down, the bashing subsided to a gentle scrubbing. Nearly a corpse, I began to breathe. My Creator had released a flood from within me and from above to destroy all of man except Noah and his family. Then I heard a voice declaring to Noah that from now on, anyone who sheds innocent blood must himself be destroyed. If only man would listen, I could be to him what I was meant to be!

The centuries passed, and I saw many more unspeakable things occur. So much sorrow and oppression. But then I felt it again. It was feet, but so what? I had been feeling the heavy treading of feet for a long, long time. But these feet were different. They had a spring in their step, the spring of hope. It was Messiah! I had hope! Things could change! It wasn’t long before I felt the trickle of warm blood growing cold upon my soil. I had felt it many, so many times before, but this was different. This blood was without any hint of sin.

My surface shook at the injustice! Death was not supposed to be upon me! I did not understand about His resurrection too much, but delighted when His feet caressed my surface for a brief moment again, then He was gone. His feet departed, a few others much like His took His place for a time, then silence.

It was back to business as usual, but with a vengeance. More and more, I sensed the treading of men’s feet, heavy with the guilt of innocent blood. I remembered the days of Noah. So much time passed. How long? My features grew marred with concrete; the garbage sank to the bottom of my seas; the explosions; my air grew foul, my rivers stinking, my oceans turning to blood. Blood, blood, so much blood! I longed for the feet of the One who could save me. If something did not happen soon, I must perish.

I don’t know how it happened, what caused it. Maybe you know now. I felt a powerful force, something compelling me, no, propelling me forward. I groaned, anxious for an end to it all. I began to pick up speed, turning faster and faster. The explosions; I quaked over and over; the spinning of the stars, around and around. I began to wobble, teetering like a shack, about to collapse. My oceans roared, the giant waves. The guilt of man was too much for me. I must surely die. Then I felt it. It was feet. Feet? Where had I felt those feet before? Why – it was Him! No, how could that be, He was still in heaven? It was many feet, thousands and thousands of feet, but they were just like His feet! Beautiful feet! And then I heard a voice. I heard a voice! I heard a voice!! O KING, YOUR BRIDE HAS BEEN PREPARED!!!

See the Article, “The Second Eve” for more about who this Bride is.

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