The Yellow Deli in Boulder

In the foothills of the Rocky mountains, about a 15-minute drive from our community household and right in downtown boulder, you will find our warm and hospitable Yellow Deli.

This Yellow Deli began in 2010. After much searching, we finally found a space on the west end of Pearl St for our 24hr "gathering place." We desired to create a space where we could all work together and extend hospitality and care to the people of Boulder. We were once lonely and wandering, wondering where we really fit in, where our true home was. Our hope is that The Yellow Deli is this unique social atmosphere for the people of Boulder, a gathering place where people matter; a place to go to eat or read or talk and not feel pressured to be unreal; a place with warm hospitality and solid artisan-ship that's not showy or fancy, but harmonious; every part working together synergistically for the total effect; a place to gather together the birds of every feather. We opened our Yellow Deli in April of 2011. We are open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (Sunday 12 noon to Friday 3 pm, closed on Saturday for the Sabbath) and serve hot sandwiches (made with fresh breads), salads, smoothies, waffles, and yogurt parfaits. Also, an espresso and fresh juice bar which specializes in yerba mate drinks.

We strive to provide our patrons with a superb experience, healthy food, a lovely atmosphere and affordable prices. Whether you're after a Deli Rose sandwich, a bowl of Sunshine soup, or just a fresh yerba mate, come on over. We'd love to serve you.

908 Pearl St.
Boulder, Colorado 80302
(303) 996-4700

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