A Day in Manitou Springs, Colorado

Part 1

Manitou Springs Colorado
name meaning
place of the great spirit

small community of special people
living under majestic clouds
made fresh daily by God

sharp mountains of red rocks
boulders bigger than houses
resting on the mountains

it was here the wind
hearts drew near your caves

your brooks sing softly
your springs tasty
water is good if it is good water

it was here
a time ago
native Americans
to lay down their weapons
with hopes of this being
a place of peace

Part 2

by the Mate Factor
near the sight and gentle sound
of Fountain Creek

she sits in the morning sun
playing her harp
not having angel hair
or wings
her hands express her heart across the strings

she tells me
in a hushed voice as if under a overwhelming weight
this is a sad song
a sad day for me

i don’t ask why
she is friendly
her hurt is not hidden

one must listen
carefully to his own heart
and the heart of others
to hear God speak

He has no problem speaking
it is our hearing
that is easier said than done

Part 3

a letter carrier stops
he calls her Jene’
they hug, talk close for a short time

not all people are bad
i know this

Part 4

sunday afternoon
some folks in Manitou Springs were yelling at police officers
who were directing traffic
their remarks and energy were negative

such words and insults
i guarded my heart from receiving

a young woman Jillian
asked me what i thought
about what was being said

un-called for negativity
was on the tip of my tongue

telling her
if you have problems
like an assault or robbery
some emergency
do you call a hippie
or the police

Part 5

Jene’ playing her harp
in a struggle to not be overpowered by sadness
her sorrow is heavy

someone she knows and cares about
has extinguished the life of his children
the one who fathered them
ended their 2 and 5 year old lives with poison
police came and could see 2 lifeless children in the house
the father came to the door with a knife in his hand
bearing self inflicted wounds

he was told to dropp the knife
but made the choice to not do so
and forfeited his life in the process

the police dropped him
he fell into death

Part 6

the mother most likely escaped death
someone called the police
maybe she placed the call

Part 7

people who hate police
are connected to dishonesty
hate and evil

it seems

Part 8

this did not have to happen
but it did

nothing will return these children to this life
nothing can undo something so final as death

Part 9

a lovely memorial was held tonight at Memorial park
it was very touching to see all the friends this woman has
all the warmth and comfort extended to her

her children now
rest in the heart
in the presence of God

Part 10

awaiting my departure at the Denver airport
a young soldier stands in line with his family
he strokes the hair of one of his children leaning on him
it is a wonderful display of warmth, love and affection
to which the child responds

hoping he returns home from war
in my thoughts is the reality
children need parents
and are designed to outlive their parents


the beauty of children:
they have the potential
of growing up
having children

Children are a gift from God- the fruit of the womb is a reward.

Manitou Springs Colorado


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