The first letters and cards of the children that were taken from the parents

A piece of my heart is broken since we are separated

The social services and the judge Beyschlag think that the children are doing well. (The hearings will be dragging on for weeks ... is that for the well being of the children?)

Card by Besorah (Age 14)

Abba & Imma = Father and Mother (Hebrew) my most dear parents. My heart is for you!
I miss you so much and it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about not being with you. I love you so very much and I have no idea how to live without you. It seems like a nightmare. I am not doing so well, but the phone calls help me to endure. I am trying to make the best out of it and encourage the younger ones. I know that our Father is my only hope to endure. I pray alot and know that He has only best intentions for us. I want to trust and hold fast my conviction. A piece of my heart is broken, since we are separated, but I know that our Father will reward those who will endure until the end. There is much in my thoughts and heart that I want to tell you, but unfortunately I must end know. You are all I have and I love you beyond anything else.
I appreciate you,
Yours, Besorah




Card and Artwork by Noach (Age 8)

To my dear Imma (hebrew for Mother),

I love you and miss you. I hope to see you again. It is very boring here. I don't even know what I should do without you. I love you, yours Noach

Card by Ishah (Age 9)

Dear Abba and Imma !!! (Hebrew for Father and Mother)

I already miss you. It is not easy without you. I am sure we will see you soon. There is not so much to do, only play but that's no fun. I MISS YOU A WHOLE LOT!! I love you very much.

Card by Chaninah (Age 11)

!DEAR ABBA & IMMA! (hebrew for Father and Mother)
I already miss you soooooo much! How are you doing? I am doing "good" -you could say. We are well taken care of, but in my soul/heart I am doing VERY MISERABLY BAD. I know that our Father is in control of us. I really feel like WEEPING!! I am also afraid of going to school. I PRAY very much to our Father, that He would protect us. It is SOOOO BORING here! I sense how my soul is being DESTROYED here. I love you sooo much. I want to be back with YOU!!! My heart screeeems for you!!
 Yours, Chaninah

Card by Chemdah (Age 8)

Card by Shachar (Age 7)


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