A Law Against Love - A Poem

Today is a beautiful day.
The sun shines softly
upon the tender,
wet grass.
The rain is gone
and I have
a brand new start.

My son sleeps sweetly
under his blankets.
He looks so dear!
He is so loved!
“Good morning, son!
It’s time to get up!

A new day has started
and our God’s mercy
is renewed!
Get up, our God
needs us today
to serve Him
in His house.”

My little boy
opens gently his eyes,
looks at me, and says
a weak “Good morning.”
Half awake, half asleep,
I get him dressed.
His eyes are round
and brown,
like perfect balls.
They move up and down.

I look at him
right in the eyes.
He finally focuses
on his source of hope.
He is so needy.
He doesn’t know
who he is
or why he was born.
He only knows
my firm, loving voice.

Once he is up,
his hair brushed,
I take his hand
and guide him out.
“Lift up your head,
my beloved son.
Look at the sky
in all its gloom.
There’s a purpose
for your life.
You have a future
and a hope
by my side.”

His soul is filled
with awe
to behold the wonders
of our God.
“Today, my son,
obey my voice,
for length of days
and years of life
and peace will be added to you!”

My son doesn’t know
that he has an eternal soul,
and that there is
a loving God
who holds us accountable
for our choices.
I will train him
to think and ponder
before acting,
and to understand deeply
that his actions
will have consequences.

We go back inside
hand in hand
to face life.
“So now, my son,
go get your jacket.
It’s cold outside,
my dear son!”

All of a sudden
our delightful world
breaks apart.
An obstinate look
makes me know
my child is gone.
“No!” he yells
with all his might.
He doesn’t want
his jacket on!
“I am not cold!”
screams my son.

My dear son
is led astray
by his desires
and fallen nature.
He is not with me.
He only wants
to do his will.
This is not life.
Life is not
made up
of all that you want.
My son must learn
to receive my word,
or life will be
so hard for him.
His final end
will be eternal death.

I look at him
and call his name.
He comes to me
with tears in his cheeks.
“My son,” I say,
“You did not obey.
You disrespected
your abba’s voice.
You are far from me.
You’ve dirtied your soul.
You need a spanking
to be restored to me.”

I discipline him
as God commands in Proverbs 13:24.
He repents
and is happy again!
This is my life
with my son.
He will grow up
and take on my heart.
He’ll learn to love
as I am learning, too,
leaving behind
our selfish nature.

But a crazy world
came in the morning.
In the dawn
police cars
were awaiting me.
They knocked on my door
with a sober look
“Your son is in danger
by your side.
I have a warrant
to take him far,
far from your love.”

“My dear son,
Where are you?”
My tears aren’t enough.
They blame
my pure love,
because out of that love
I put my child straight.

Can this civilized world
make a law
against love?

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