(Issue #009) - Looking for the Peacemakers? (Part 1)

Looking for the Peacemakers? (Part 1)
Our two Peacemaker buses are well known all over the United States as a place of refuge and first-aid care. Painted on the back of the buses are the welcome message: "We know the way, we'll bring you home." We say "bring" not "take", because you take somebody home to their house, but you bring somebody home to your house. We have a home that you can come to and visit. And quite a few of our disciples now living in our communities first met us on the Peacemaker Bus.
Back in the late '80s when the Grateful Dead were still touring, we used to bring our big unique looking bus to many of their shows. There was a show on Christmas eve in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where we were offering free medical care to the concert goers. The crowd was rather unfriendly to the police who were doing their best to keep things under control. Rising tension peaked when someone in the crowd threw a beer bottle at one of the officers, splitting his head open. At that point the lieutenant and his riot team arrived. The scene was getting more tense and the lieutenant brought his megaphone over to one of the people from the bus. He asked him to talk to the crowds to calm them down. Dicky Cantrell spoke up telling everyone to be peacemakers.
While he was speaking everyone from the bus came out and started playing music and dancing between the police and the angry crowds. Before we knew it the crowd was happily clapping to the beat and the mayor and all the police stood back in awe. Many, many people joined in our ever-larger dance circles. It was a miracle. The chief of police said truly, "You are peacemakers!" — and from that day on the name has never left us.
We still bring our buses to many events hoping to help others and find more people who desire peace in this dying world. Today we have several buses with the name and also a tall ship under the name Peacemaker.
Currently, Peacemaker 2 is touring from New England to Canada, down the West Coast to the Mountain West, on through the Midwest and the South, and then winding up in Brooklyn, New York.
As always, there is a very special occasion for such travel...more than adventure...more than sightseeing. We're looking for those looking for peace, for those still hoping the answer is there...maybe just blowing in the wind...if they could but lay hold of it and make it their own. Yes, we're out on the “Dylan Tour” across North America and Canada. Outside the shows you'll find us, parked as close as we can get to the venues, offering refuge, a place to talk, a place of warmth. And not just words, but the reality of what many have dreamed of.
As one of our own, a man of Dylan's generation, wrote:
“Bob, for me the search has ended. The missing element is no longer missing...I have found the place where I can live as my deep, inner conscience dictates. The answers to all the questions you've spoken about for years are found within a people, a nation apart from the self-seeking individualism you spoke of. “Within this people lies the home of the new heart that does away with the inner enemy. It's the home of unity and true peace. This nation of people is what all of us have searched for from the beginning. It's what you've come down to – it's what we've all come down to. It's the fulfillment of our hopes and dreams of love for each other, commitment, equality, redemption, restoration.” (page 6 of the Dylan paper)
So come on over and pick up this paper, or download it from our website and read it. You'll gain hope that the life of Messiah is found among His people once again. A life of love that never dies, but more than a song — it's the kingdom taking shape in true communities around the world.
For the Communities of the Twelve Tribes,
Kevin Carlin (Vista, California)


The Twelve Tribes is a confederation of twelve self-governing tribes, composed of self-governing communities. We are disciples of the Son of God whose name in Hebrew is Yahshua. We follow the pattern of the early church in Acts 2:44 and 4:32, truly believing everything that is written in the Old and New Covenants of the Bible, and sharing all things in common.

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