A Great Conspiracy

In 1861, a confederation among the southern states of America came about when they, of their own free will, attempted to remedy the defects of the federal Constitution. It had failed to guard their liberties and they were being robbed of their tax dollars. These brave men of the South joined together to do what the United States Constitution gave liberty to all men to do, which was to form a more perfect union to safeguard their rights and liberties. All men who are led by the knowledge of good and evil have this right under natural law.
It was a conspiracy foisted on the innocent citizens of the North that deceived them into waging war on the South. They were persuaded to believe that a lie was the truth, that what was good was evil. There is no way possible that the United States government could have mustered up enough enthusiasm in the North to make them sacrifice the lives of their youth unless there had been a great conspiracy. So they seduced the parents with an evil persuasion to enable their youth to volunteer for war. Three hundred and sixty thousand Northern boys paid for this deception with their lives, and nearly as many southern boys were its victims.
But in the southern states no such thing was needed to rouse the youth for battle, since they were not ignorant of what was actually going on in the South. They knew what the youth of the North were hearing to deceive them into believing they were fighting a righteous cause. These northern youth were deceived into thinking the South had fired on their flag without provocation, and that their lives were the ransom paid to free the slaves. But in the South they had lived in peace with their black servants, whose lives were a hundred times better than laborers in the cities of the North, or in Africa, since they were cared for by their new masters who had bought them, just as Abraham, as a good master, cared for the slaves he had bought.1 That was one of the chief reasons God chose and knew him.2
So there was no need for a conspiracy in the South to gather the youth for war to defend themselves against the northern aggression. The conspiracy of the North was required to make their soldiers believe a lie about the South and its reason for secession. That separation from the union of states was something they had every right to do, according to the Constitution and according to such experts on its meaning and intent as Thomas Jefferson.
The North crushed the South in the same way and for the same reason that King George had desired to crush the Thirteen States in the American Revolution. The Civil War, so-called, was the antithesis of the American Revolution. Its effects overwhelmed constitutional government then, and continue to do so now.

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  • 2. Genesis 18:19

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