Giving Up the Struggle

If there is anything in nature that helps us understand the workings of the evil ruler of this world, it is the fearsome spider. An awesome predator, the spider methodically weaves its web in the well-traveled pathways. Then it lies in wait for an unsuspecting traveler to get caught in its sticky snare. It takes the lead in a macabre predator-prey dance with breathtaking cunning and relentless efficiency and will do whatever it takes to see the union end in the grisly death of its victim.
A tiny winged creature carries out the duties of its life — seeking food, making a home, and generating offspring. Flitting along its way, it is suddenly caught. The frightened little creature, sensing the danger, struggles to free itself from the sticky bonds of the spider’s web. Like the bloodthirsty Great White shark or the marauding lion, the spider senses its advantage over its struggling prey and moves in for the kill. The spider sinks its venomous fangs into its prey, injecting a powerful neurotoxin, which effectively paralyzes the little creature. Gradually the spider’s victim gives up the struggle. Then the spider returns to spin a silky death chamber around the little creature.
Once its prey is hopelessly bound, the spider once again sinks its deadly fangs into it. This time the spider injects powerful digestive enzymes into the tiny creature, which turns its insides to jelly. Then the spider will gradually suck the insides out of its prey until all that is left is a hollow shell, as a gruesome memorial of what was once a life.

Worldwide Web

Like a spider’s web, the world we live in is full of snares and pitfalls, carefully arranged by the greatest predator of all time. Using the powerful lures of wealth, prestige, fame and instant gratification, Satan and his angels draw the unsuspecting into further and further peril. Modern technology, mass media, and the proliferation of the worldwide web have spread Satan’s snare over the whole earth. So many today are oblivious to the purpose of life and the value of the struggle. As the paralyzing venom of Satan’s subtle persuasion is pumped into our spiritual bloodstream, and feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness wash over us, we feel the downward pull to give up the struggle. “Just relax, go with it. It will all be over soon.” Have you ever heard that voice speaking to you inside?
The wisdom of the ancient ones tells us that eternity is set in the heart of every man,1 and that there is a reward for our hard struggle.2 Yet this wisdom has been all but lost, and this instinctive knowledge of God is being gradually replaced by “modern thought.” The new way is to play now and pay later, living for the moment as if tomorrow will never come. This is even being put forth as a great spiritual path, as with the million selling book, “The Power of Now.” This is a powerfully alluring and deceptive road to travel, for it promises happiness and bliss and freedom from all liability for your actions, yet it leads one well down the road of selfishness, far beyond the boundaries of conscience. This road is strewn with broken relationships, unwanted children and ruined lives.
These new-age prophets of “now-ness” and “self-realization” proclaim that there are no absolutes, and that the only righteous standard is that there are no standards of righteousness and justice. There is no more accountability, for all that has happened in the past is the “old now,” which must be left behind in order to fully live in the “new now.” In order to fully come into this “enlightened consciousness” one must give up the struggle, tear down the foundations, and pretend that evil does not exist.

The Greatest Deception

Thankfully there is still enough of the image of God in man on the earth where most will still acknowledge that there are standards of justice and righteousness that we must all recognize and conform our lives to if we are to live in peace with one another. It would seem that many are losing significant ground in their struggle and resolve to walk in the way of conscience. But at least there is still something in mankind that can be convicted of his need to change for the good.
The greatest web of deception of all time is the “modern religion” of Christianity, which bears no resemblance to its amazing beginnings. What was once a rich vibrant life where all the believers lived together in Community and shared all things, has become a stifling religious form of rote and ritual. This religion, which has captivated a third of mankind, acknowledges the righteous standards of our Creator, while denigrating3 any effort made to keep those standards.
According to mainstream Christian thought, all men are born destined to hell, regardless of good done or resistance of evil in their life. And for those who are Christians, any effort to please God through doing good is regarded as “works salvation” — a great evil, which supposedly takes away from the glory of what Christ did on the cross. It is taught that man is inherently an evil sinner who will not overcome his sin in this lifetime, but at the return of Christ the believer will be transformed — body, soul and spirit. His human will, which was formerly inclined towards sin will be changed by God to be totally conformed to the image of God.
This is not only unrealistic, but is quite contrary to the very Bible they claim to follow. According to the Word of God, every man will reap what he sows, including believers.4 Even the judgments, in which every man will stand before God, will be based on what a person has done, not on what he claims to believe.5 For it is by a man’s deeds that his true heart is made known. Any so-called belief that is not manifest in good work is a vain philosophy, which leads to a wasted life.

The Value of the Struggle

Where is all this taking us as we are wrapped in this warm, silky blanket of self-life? What is the world coming to when every manner of evil can be called, “a beautiful thing” by those who claim to be God’s messengers?
We can learn a lot from the spider, but in nature we also see the butterfly breaking free from its cocoon, and little chick struggling to break out of its little shell, and the salmon zealously rushing upstream to spawn. The struggle is vitally important to their survival and the continuance of their species. So too the little creature who is able to break free from the web before the spider is able to inject its venom, has renewed hope, another chance to live.
Yahshua, the true Son of God was sent to deliver man from Satan’s efforts to destroy him. The struggle is a necessary part of the process, which strengthens man’s will to do the will of God and resist the temptations of the evil one. There is a set apart (holy) nation of people on earth today who are being disentangled from Satan’s web of deceit. We are being purified from our wrong ways, in this lifetime. Heaven holds Yahshua until He has a people, who have overcome the evil that rules this world. Those who give themselves to this purification will be totally His in eternity. They will rule with Him over the good people of the nations who endured through the struggle of this life, obeying their conscience and keeping themselves free of the spider’s web. They will not lose their reward either. Come and join us in the struggle!

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  • 3. Denigrate — To attack the character or reputation of; speak ill of; defame; to disparage; belittle.
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