The Enigma of Man

Consider the enigma of Man. To say that Man is an enigma means that he is a creature of puzzling, contradictory character. He is a walking mystery — beyond explanation. The famous psychologist, Carl Jung once said, “Man is an enigma to himself.” Jung realized this truth about Man without understanding the deep spiritual battle that rages within every person.
Man has an enemy whose ambition is to compete with God for the rulership of this world. God wants to rule the earth through Man. Satan’s strategy is to lead Man astray from doing what is good and right. He is intent on deceiving the whole world by whatever means he can. Satan leads the world astray through an educational system that denies that God created the universe. He seduces Man through the mass media and its sensual stimulation and subtle persuasion. One of his most effective tools is the religious system of Christianity, which misrepresents the true character of God through a mystical faith that doesn’t produce a love. Satan’s deception has spread throughout every area of modern society, yet Man does not have to listen to Satan’s lies. He is still free to choose to listen to his conscience.
Man is born with an instinctive knowledge of God in his conscience. He knows what is good, and he knows what is evil, and he knows that he is accountable for the choices he makes. Man is also born with a tendency to do what isn’t right. Because of his sin, it has been appointed for him to die once and then face judgment. This judgment will be based on the detailed record of his life that is in his conscience.

The Everlasting Covenant

God made an everlasting covenant with Man after his fall in the garden, which is imprinted on every man’s conscience. Within the boundaries of this covenant, Man is protected from the schemes of Satan, who wants to lead him to commit sins worthy of a second eternal death. Man’s part of the everlasting covenant is that he would work hard to support and protect his family, even at the cost of his own life. He would not have sexual relations outside of the covenant of marriage (and he would certainly never have sexual relations with another man). He would lead his wife to do what is right and good.
The woman, for her part, would bear the pain of childbirth and her desire would be for her husband alone, and she would allow him to be the final authority over her life. If they would stay within these boundaries they would be able to hear and obey the voice of God in their conscience. This would keep them from doing deeds that would make them worthy of eternal destruction — sins that pervert the image of God in man and ruin other people’s lives.
But Man has lost his way. He has been led more and more astray until, as the prophet Isaiah said:

The earth is also polluted by its inhabitants, for they transgressed laws, violated statutes, broke the everlasting covenant. Therefore, a curse devours the earth, and those who live in it are held guilty. Therefore, the inhabitants of the earth are burned and few men are left. (Isaiah 24:5,6)

“Few men are left” who are standing for the truth in their conscience. Most have broken the everlasting covenant of conscience. Many have thrown off conscience for ’higher learning’. They devote all their energy and resources trying to create life or discover its origin. Meanwhile they are strangely unconcerned about the moral quality of their own life and its ultimate purpose and destiny. This is part of the enigma of Man — that he would try to overcome the deep frustration within him by seeking higher degrees of learning. Instead of leading him to obey his conscience, ’higher education’ teaches him to trust his own fallen reasoning. This actually takes him further away from the instinctive knowledge that he was born with and leaves him with greater and greater degrees of degradation.
True, there are deep moral and spiritual questions (which The Three Eternal Destinies of Man answers), but the conclusions that men have come to in their reasoning can be boiled down to these: either man began nowhere and is evolving to somewhere, or else he began somewhere and lost his way. In either case, man is searching for some indefinable something to fill his emptiness. This is called, “being lost.” These are the ones Yahshua came to find, those who would admit to being lost.

The Enigma

If you are a normal human being who has not been thoroughly degraded, there is a deep frustration in you because of two conflicting longings in your heart: one, to keep the knowledge of God in your conscience, the other to satisfy the selfish desires that are leading you outside of the boundaries of the everlasting covenant. The voice of conscience echoes from the inner chambers of your soul, saying, “I ought not to be the way I am, I ought not to be doing what I am doing. I was made for something better! There must be a God who cares; life was not meant to be so empty!” This voice conflicts with your selfish nature and causes the frustration within you, the inner struggle between good and evil.
No matter how hard you try to reason it away or rebel against it, you can’t escape the objective truth. If only you had listened to your conscience as it tried to hold you back from doing wrong… You end up lonely and bitter, full of regret for all of the selfish and hurtful things that you have done in your life, with an almost unbearable weight of guilt.
At the end of Buddha’s life he said, “I am still searching for truth.” His statement could have been made by countless thousands of scientists and philosophers, as well as theologians (who were actually the furthest from the truth). At the end of their lives they cried and admitted a guilt that they could never quench. For those who are blind but claim to see, leading others astray, their guilt will remain — forever.
Our Master Yahshua said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” He came for those who have lost their way, the ones who strayed from the truth, those who desire life. We’re so thankful that He found us! Maybe He’s looking for you…

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