Edward "Isaac" Dawson: Child Custody Case

Dawson, a member of the Twelve Tribes communities, had been charged in 1994 with abducting his son and thereby depriving the mother of access when he disappeared for two years, to be later found living in California. In his trial, Dawson repeatedly said that his intention in leaving the area was to protect his son from imminent harm after a long history of involvement by social workers who had already taken his son twice several years earlier on an allegation of abuse that was never proven.

Their son, Michael, had originally been given to the father when the mother became unable to care for him. Then, affected by anti-cult activists, the mother went to the Court in a meeting without the father and received custody granted to her. Dawson left before this could happen.

He was eventually caught in 1994 and charged with abducting his son. His son went to live with his mother, as the court cases began, leading all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. Dawson was eventually acquitted of all charges. But his relationship with Michael suffered.

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