Beginning the Birth Pangs: Earthquakes

One of the clearest signs recorded in the Bible of Messiah's coming and of the end of the age will be an increase in earthquakes.1 They are a sign, a warning of what is to come. Our Master Yahshua told His disciples that earthquakes were like birth pangs signaling the end of the age. When a woman begins to have birth pangs, the baby is on its way. So, when you see earthquakes in increasing numbers, you know that the end of the age is near. Signs like these are intended to give people a right fear of God.
The magnitude of the earthquakes in Turkey last summer brought a whole nation literally to its knees. Thousands knelt in submission to Allah and cried out for understanding as to why such devastation had come upon them. In public squares vast numbers fell on their faces in prayer to hear from God.
One man in particular was shaken up and forced to face what really matters in life. He was sleeping with his wife and small daughter in the bedroom of their comfortable apartment house. When the quake hit, their apartment collapsed before they could even get out of bed. The man's wife and daughter were crushed in the debris and died quickly. He, however, remained buried in the rubble for days.
Miraculously, after much moving and digging and meticulously raising sections of buildings and mounds of concrete, rescuers found the man. He was very weak, but alive! Devastated by the loss of his wife and small daughter, he told interviewers about the torment his soul had undergone as he waited to die. For him it was like being buried alive, confined to the darkness of death with no way to get out. The agony of his conscience forced him to remember with gnawing detail all the chapters of his life. Forgotten incidents and deeply buried memories surfaced for him to face again.
One ever-present torment was the bed he had loved so much. He had striven to get the money to buy it and was very proud of its fine materials and expensive craftsmanship. It was a mark of his achievements that he could afford such a heavy, magnificent bed. He cried as he told the story how that very bed had crushed his wife. As never before, he realized how meaningless material success was and how pursuing it had deceived him into thinking it would satisfy him.
When the relationships with his family he had taken for granted were gone, he was forced to examine what really mattered to him. Weeping, he told interviewers he wanted to never be the same again. He wanted to be different, to be sure his words and actions didn’t hurt others or cause pain.
This man was a Muslim. He had learned a great lesson from this awesome warning. This lesson is for all who, like this man, either inadvertently or deliberately abandon their conscience to seek after the things of this world. The world is haywire, reeling on the edge of destruction because of selfishness and denial of God and His ways. Earthquakes are a warning that a day is coming, the Last Day, when all men will have to give an account to the Righteous Judge.

  • 1. Matthew 24:3-8

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